Monday, August 11, 2014

Organizing a Fun Run? Take Your Registration Online with!

By: Jane Jacquelie Vestil On: 8/11/2014
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  • Alongside the rise of the BPO industry in Cebu is the increased number of running and sports enthusiasts. From fun runs to marathons, from casual MTB rides with friends to full blast triathlon, there seemed to be an abundance of race in the Queen City of the South every weekend. As one of those who recently caught the running bug, I was ecstatic when I learned about new startup which officially launched last May.

    What is it is an online registration and payment system designed for fun runs, marathons, triathlons, and other similar events in the Philippines. Basically, instead of chasing mall/office hours just to sign-up for an event, makes the whole process more convenient by giving organizers the ability to create a website (in minutes) for their race and accept online payments. It was designed with the working class in mind.

    While there are already existing online registration systems in place which are typically via Google Form or email, is different because there is very little human intervention required on the part of the organizers particularly when confirming registrations.

    Aside from offering web-based registrations, the website also serves as a portal listing upcoming races arranged chronologically.

    It's not a revolutionary technology or a new idea, but somebody ought to do it and finally it's here.

    How it works

    Users can browse for any upcoming running events on the home page and find something that interests them or fits their schedule.

    To register for an event, users need to create a login account. They can register by email or choose to register with their Facebook account. Choosing Facebook registration will make the form partially filled with the user's Facebook information. Just complete the required details, indicate your payment method, click register and voila, instant confirmation!

    The registration form for each event is conveniently located on the right hand side.
    Runners can pay via Credit Card, Pay Pal, bank deposit or even through money remittance services. They can even opt to have their race kits delivered to their door steps!

    A runner's information is saved so that the next time they register for another race, the registration form is prefilled for them.

    Here's a great explainer video about

    For every event powered by, a sub-site will be created which organizers can use to promote their event. On that page, users can find all essential information about the race. Organizers will be given access to the backend dashboard so they can manage and see real-time registration details. There is even a feature to export registration data to serve as master list.

    Learn more about managing your running event through the video below.

    Extra features

    Organizers as well as other users can upload photos of the event so runners can view their pictures and will be able to search for them using their race bib number. There is also a blogging feature so runners can share their thoughts and experiences with everyone.

    Proudly Cebuano is the brainchild of two Cebuanos Paul Ouano and Aaron Lee who both share a passion for running. The service is currently offerred for FREE so take your registration online now!

    For inquiries, you can email them through or via mobile +639338602042. Don't forget to give them some love on Facebook and Twitter!

    Wednesday, July 16, 2014

    Origins of the 11 Commonly Used User Interface Symbols

    By: Jane Jacquelie Vestil On: 7/16/2014
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  • I found this really nerdy infographic designed together by Warm Gun and 500 Startups detailing the history behind the common UI symbols used in today's world such as the Power, Bluetooth, and Ethernet symbols.

    The complexities of technology has made our lives much easier. Can you imagine a world without the internet, your phone, and other electronic devices?

    Indeed, technology has become part of our daily lives and because of that, most of us don't notice the very small details such as the fact that the symbols for power, play, pause, Bluetooth, USB, and Ethernet are all the same across all devices regardless of brand.

    Now that I think about it, life will become very complicated if these manufacturers made their own UI symbols instead of utilizing standards.

    The original infographic is quite large and I was having a hard time reading it so I cut it into readable pieces. Dear designers, I'm sorry if I massacr*d your wonderful creation.

    Anyway, if you want to see the original version, just visit this link.

    The Power Icon

    The Ethernet Symbol

    The Bluetooth

    The Pause

    The Play Icon

    The USB Symbol

    Sleep Symbol


    The origin of @

    The story behind the Apple key

    Wait Symbol

    Sunday, July 13, 2014

    If You Are An LOTR / The Hobbit Fan, You Will Surely Love This Middle Earth Interactive Map From Google

    By: Jane Jacquelie Vestil On: 7/13/2014
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  • My boyfriend is a LOTR and The Hobbit fanboy so when the Google Chrome team announced their latest Chrome experiment, Journey Through Middle-Earth, I got excited.

    It is an interactive map inspired by the upcoming motion picture, "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug", the second installment for The Hobbit series.

    Through it, you can explore the different places in Middle-Earth, learn some trivia, relive moments from the first movie, and other interactive components.

    As of this writing, you can explore Trollshaw Forrest, Rivendell, and Dol Guldur. The other three, Thranduil's Hall, Lake-Town, and Erebor, are still unlocked and will be activated in the coming weeks.

    In Trollshaw Forrest, you can become Bilbo and do your best to escape from the three trolls, William, Bert, and Tom.

    My favorite part was exploring Rivendell. The experience was magical while Dol Guldur was very scary.

    The map has immerse 3D graphics built with CSS3 and WebGL. It also boasts rich audio effects and sound manipulation. Turn your speakers into full volume and you will get goose bumps.

    The great thing about this interactive 3D map is that it is optimized for mobile viewing. But I haven't tried viewing it on my phone due to lack of wifi connection. :D
    If you want to start your adventure and journey through middle-earth, just head on over to

    Just in case you are having viewing the map due to machine performance or internet connectivity, below are some screenshots.

    Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended when making the screenshots. Under Fair Usage Publication. For information purposes only. If violation has been made by me, please contact me through this blog so I can take it down. Thank you.

    This article was first published under last November 21, 2013. Some information may no longer be accurate.

    Friday, July 4, 2014

    How To Delete Facebook Pages I Created? Step By Step Guide With Screenshots

    By: Jane Jacquelie Vestil On: 7/04/2014
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  • As I often say, I love to play around and do random experiments online using various tools available on the net. One of the many experiments I did in the past involved creating a bunch of Facebook pages. Today, I decided to delete some of them because they show up in my profile page. They don't provide helpful information so it is better to get rid of them.

    Did you now that you have two options when removing Facebook pages from your account? The first option allows you to permanently delete a Facebook page while the other one will temporarily unpublish a page from the public.

    Option 1: How To Permanently Delete a Facebook Page

    1. Go to to see the complete list of Facebook Pages you created or co-managed. You should see a page similar to the image below.

    Click on the page you want to permanently remove in order to open its administration page.

    2. From the top of the administration panel, click "Edit Page" then select "Edit Settings".

    3. Choose "Remove Page" from the options provided. It is the very last option displayed.

    4. Once clicked, the label will change from "Delete your Page" into an active link "Permanently delete [insert Facebook page name here]".

    Click that new link and a pop up message will appear asking you to confirm the action. Click the "Delete" button to permanently delete the Facebook page. Else, if you change your mind, click "Cancel".

    Option 2: How To Unpublish a Facebook Page

    1. Follow steps 1 to 2 from option 1. Then, instead of selecting "Remove Page", choose the very first settings which is "Page Visibility".

    2. Tick the box for "Unpublish Page" then save the changes. Note that you can only unpublish a page via desktop computer of laptop.

    For clarifications, don't hesitate to drop your comments below.

    This article was first published under last December 17, 2013. Some information may no longer be accurate.

    Thursday, July 3, 2014

    How to Configure Custom Email Address Using Windows Live Admin

    By: Jane Jacquelie Vestil On: 7/03/2014
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  • Having your own custom domain name offers several advantages for both bloggers and business owners. For one, it creates an impression of having a professional website.

    If you are a Blogger/Blogspot user who still does not have his/her own domain name registered, you might want to consider the advantages of owning one.

    SpiceUpYourBlog has a very good article outlining why not getting a custom domain for your Blogger blog is stupid and even some frequently asked questions and tips when migrating from a Blogspot address to a custom domain. I highly recommend reading those two.

    Free alternative to Google Apps Email

    If you already have your own domain name, creating a  custom email address under that registered domain should be next on your to do list. Some domain registrars already offer a free email address when you purchase a domain name through them while others offer this for a monthly fee. While investing for a reliable email service is not a bad idea, there are free alternatives out there that you might want to consider.

    Popular among bloggers and website owners alike is the Google Apps standard edition which allows you to create a number of email accounts using your own domain name while having all the benefits of a GMail account. However, as of December 6, 2012, Google no longer offers this service for free. In this article, we are going to introduce you to a free Google Apps alternative hosted by Microsoft ( with steps on how to configure it through Windows Live Admin Center. At a Glance is Microsoft’s newest mail service replacing Hotmail. If you have an old Hotmail or Windows Live email account, you can opt to upgrade to an account and take advantage of the new webmail interface which is surprisingly fast.

    The interface is very simple and would take a lot of getting used to if you are a GMail user but nevertheless, it is beautiful and intuitive. You can also sign up for a regular email address or use a custom email address under your own domain name.


    Setting up your custom email address with Microsoft is not a very straight forward process. You need to have an existing Microsoft account (,, or before you can administrate your domain name. If you don’t have an account yet, you can register for one through

    You also need access to your domain’s control panel and be able to edit DNS records like MX, TXT, and SRV (both TXT and SRV records are optional).

    Configuring Custom Email Address Using Windows Live Admin

    Step 1: Sign up for a Microsoft Domain Service

    To start setting up your domain with, go to Windows Live Domains Admin Center ( and entry your domain name. This tutorial is based on the assumption that you already have purchased your domain.

    Under the “Choose mail service for your domain” option, select “Set up for my domain” and click the “Continue” button.

    Next, you will be asked to sign in with your Microsoft account or create a new Microsoft account which will serve as the domain administrator. It is best to create a Microsoft email address first before setting up your domain to avoid getting lost in the process.

    Select “Sign in with an existing Microsoft account" and click “Continue”. You will then be taken to the login screen. Enter your login details and click “Sign in”.

    After that, you will be asked to review your settings and accept the terms and conditions. Make sure all information you entered is correct. Type in the word verification provided (not case sensitive) and then click the “I Accept” button.

    Step 2: Prove Domain Ownership and Point MX record to Microsoft

    After the registration is completed, you will be taken to Windows Live Domain administration panel. On this screen you will see the status of your domain whether active or inactive.

    The next steps requires that you access your domain’s control panel or DNS manager. In order to prove ownership of your domain name, you must create an MX record using the details provided. Note that the MX server value is unique for all domains. Microsoft will provide you with additional DNS settings to be configured. However, only the first DNS record type as shown above is required.  Each domain registrar or web hosting provider offers different ways to manage your domain’s DNS. If you need additional support for this part, please contact your respective host.

    For most registrar’s it should take 24 to 48 hours before the DNS settings to propagate properly. However, you can always click on the “Refresh” button to see if the changes have been picked up. Once the DNS settings are ok, you may now create custom email addresses for your domain name.

    Step 3: Creating Email Accounts

    Go back to Windows Live Domain Center ( and click on your domain name. On the left sidebar menu, choose “Member accounts”. Click the “Add” button.

    A pop up screen will appear. Enter the necessary information for your new email address and click “Ok”.

    You can add up to 50 mailbox type email accounts under your domain name with 5GB storage each. If you need more accounts, you can contact support to make this request. You can access your newly created custom email address through

    Aside from creating custom email accounts, there are a lot of features offered by Windows Live Admin Center that might benefit your organization.

    Have you used Windows Live Admin for your custom email addresses? Do you know of any free alternative for Google Apps aside from this? Feedbacks or questions? Feel free to share in the comments section below.

    This article was first published under last April 11, 2013. Some information may no longer be accurate.